Meet The Selby

Meet my new Internet obsession: The Selby. As the site sums it up:

The Selby features photographs, paintings, and videos by Todd Selby of interesting people in creative spaces.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard of it already; I tend to be a little slow catching on to things. BUT if you’ve never visited the site before, now is the time to click, click, click! I promise, you will not be disappointed.

At once quirky and offbeat, the site is simple in design, but jam-packed full of original content: you almost immediately get the feeling you’re living inside an artist’s notebook or perusing their in-home gallery. And the hand-sketched logos and navigation buttons aren’t even the best part. The Selby is everything you (and by you I mean “I”) could wish for in a blog: tons of gorgeous photography of people’s homes that features food, art, fashion and everything in between. You won’t find any  of the now-typical model candids or street style here. The Selby is a unique cultural experience, taking you behind-the-scenes and offering you glimpses (okay, more like full-on views) into the homes and lives of artists, writers, chefs, and basically all the cool people you would ever want need to meet.

My favorite thing about The Selby is that it feels so personal. There really is a sense of intimacy on the level that the site’s genius — Todd Selby — has managed to connect you, the viewer, with the people and places he photographs. He hand-crafts specific one-page questionnaires for the people he shoots and posts them on the site along with the pictures (you only need to scroll down to the bottom of a post to find one). The questions are always interesting, and the responses even more so.

In case you don’t have time to go through the whole site, here are 10 out of my many favorites that you definitely should not miss. In no particular order …

1. Natalie Wood — fashion designer and artist, at home in Sydney. (Be sure to read the questionnaire for this one!)

2. Elisa Nalin — stylist and shoe designer, at home in Paris. This one is worth checking out just to see her amazing shoe collection (of which I am incredibly envious).

3. Seth Gordon & Bootsy Holler — director & photographer, respectively, at their home in Los Angeles. Not a lot of photos for this one — but some of the art of their walls is so cool! (Click here and here to see what I mean.) Plus, I am slightly obsessed with this photo.

4. Thibault de Montaigu & Sofía Achával — author & respectively, at their home in Paris. Two very stylish people and lots of cool photos.

5. Daniela Kamiliotis — set and costume designer, fine artist, and vice president of womens collection Ralph Lauren, at her office in New York City. Her space is simply BURSTING with inspiration!

6. Nicolas Malleville and Francesca Bonato — hoteliers and perfumers, at their beach hotel and at their perfumery, in Tulum and Valladolid, Mexico. Tons of gorgeous photographs for this one — like this, this, & this.

7. Alexander Wang — fashion designer, at work in Soho. Very cool space which reflects Wang’s designs perfectly. I also really want this chair.

8. Tom Sachs — artist, at his studio in New York City. Very cool workspace with lots of fun details.

9. Lyndsay Caleo & Fitzhugh Karol — goldsmith and interior designer & woodworker and interior designer, respectively, at home in Brooklyn. Love their space and the lighting for all the photos is beautiful — so open and airy.

10. Dan Martensen & Shannan Click — photographer and model, respectively, at home in upstate New York. Their country home is so beautiful and all the photos are gorgeous. I especially love this one of Shannan.

So…definitely check it out. (You know you want to.)

I am truly inspired.

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