Beauty Review | Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream

I decided to try this eye cream after seeing it on the Sephora website. (I’ve become increasingly obsessed with Sephora, and all the insanely expensive, tiny-sized products in gorgeous packaging. I’m a sucker for packaging.) I was looking for something that would help with the dark circles under my eyes from staying up later every night, and I think I found it.

I got the pen version to test out the product (it’s also easier to apply, as reviewers have pointed out). I put it on before bed and woke up with significantly smaller dark circles! They usually puff up into bags when I smile, but they were so much smaller after only one use — still present, but definitely reduced and my eyes looked a lot brighter. It also worked very nicely as a gentle moisturizer.

This is definitely an effective and fast-acting product. It soothed my eyes when applied, and it made my eyes look so much brighter in the morning! A great way to look awake and revitalized, even if you barely slept the night before. It’s also very gentle and is formulated without a lot of harmful ingredients. I would recommend checking it out if you’re looking to get rid of dark circles or brighten up your eyes!

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