Weekly Photo Challenge | Path

It’s funny how few pictures I’ve actually taken of paths. Actually, this might be the only one, which is a little strange considering I live on an extremely windy road with lots of trees. Anyway, this isn’t my favorite picture — it was taken with a bad camera (as you can probably tell), it’s a bit overexposed, and I hate the stupid red van in the middle of the road. But I like it compositionally, with the smaller buildings giving way to the large castle, le Château de Chambord in France’s Loire Valley. It is a stunning castle (my photo does it absolutely no justice), and if you ever have the opportunity to visit, be sure to check it out!

On an unrelated note, I do expect posting to slow down a little for the next few months. Unfortunately. But I will try my best to keep posting consistently! I really appreciate each and every person who takes the stop to stop by my little blog.