2012: One Year, Ten Photos

In keeping with the WordPress Daily Post‘s weekly photo challenge, I present to you my 2012 in photos. Originally I wanted to do one for every month but, you see, my life is not exciting enough for that to make an interesting blog post. And since I tend to take photos in bursts at various unpredictable points around the year, it would also be unrealistic. But anyway, here the top ten highlights of my photographic wanderings this year:


Sheep | Okay, so I technically took this picture on December 31, 2011. Close enough, right? And practically one of the first shots of the new year. This sheep belongs to one of our family friends — they have a beautiful home tucked away in the woods, and lots of animals. I really tried to capture this little guy’s facial expression here.



Abu Dhabi | If you’ve been following this blog for a decent length of time, you’ll have seen these images — from my January trip to Abu Dhabi — already. (And if you want more, you can view all my photos here and here.) The first is a sunset above the desert, and the second is a image from the exterior of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The columns are decorated with gold leaf and precious stones from around the world, and border the entire structure. It is truly breathtaking, and the beauty — of both and mosque and the desert — is just overwhelming.


Washington, DC | A capture from the White House lawn during the annual White House Garden Tour — it’s a fun experience for the public, although the gardens themselves are not too exciting. The view is spectacular, though, and you can see clear through the Jefferson Memorial if you zoom in enough. It was a bit overcast; sorry about the exposure.




Morocco | These are just a few of many shots from my trip to Morocco this past summer, where I studied Arabic. It was a fantastic experience and by the end of it I barely felt like a tourist. (It’s especially rewarding when you can bargain in Arabic and avoid tourist pricing in the souks.) The first image is from the city of Meknes, the second is a beautiful riad in Fes, and the third is of Arabic writing on a souk wall — I thought the colors here were especially beautiful. Anyway, I’m planning on doing a big photo and culture post of my trip in the near future, so this is just a small sneak peek!


Plant | Just a random shot of a plant in our dining room. Not sure why I took this in the first place, but I think it’s really simple and refreshing.


Christmas Desserts | Just a sampling of all the baking I did for our Christmas dessert party. Clockwise, from upper right: lemon cherry tea cookies, candied orange peels, baklava, and a chocolate orange tart with toasted almonds. All very delicious — the baklava and chocolate tart were especially popular. Hopefully I’ll have some recipes up soon!


The Puppy | Here’s your daily dose of cute. And proof that I have the cutest golden retriever in the world. He’s actually getting a bit old, but he still thinks he’s a puppy. Or a person — we haven’t really figured that one out.

These images, I think, adequately wrap up much of my 2012 in photography — of course there are many images I didn’t include, but I hope these photos paint a more varied picture. Here’s to a happy 2013 and a another year of photos.

Watch Hill, Rhode Island

This is a photo set from Watch Hill, RI, taken last summer. I’m usually not a fan of oceans, sunsets, and beach shots, because they risk being terribly clichéd, but I thought these images fit in well with WordPress’s weekly photo challenge this week — “Peaceful.” Enjoy!

{Images copyright; please request permission before use.}

Weekly Photo Challenge | Family

It’s been some time since I’ve participated in one of The Daily Post‘s weekly photo challenges, so I figured I’d get back in the swing of things. The above diptych is of two sisters helping each other clean their riding boots at horse show. They were so adorable I had to snap some shots!

{Source: Photograph by me. Please do not use without prior permission.}

Weekly Photo Challenge | Path

It’s funny how few pictures I’ve actually taken of paths. Actually, this might be the only one, which is a little strange considering I live on an extremely windy road with lots of trees. Anyway, this isn’t my favorite picture — it was taken with a bad camera (as you can probably tell), it’s a bit overexposed, and I hate the stupid red van in the middle of the road. But I like it compositionally, with the smaller buildings giving way to the large castle, le Château de Chambord in France’s Loire Valley. It is a stunning castle (my photo does it absolutely no justice), and if you ever have the opportunity to visit, be sure to check it out!

On an unrelated note, I do expect posting to slow down a little for the next few months. Unfortunately. But I will try my best to keep posting consistently! I really appreciate each and every person who takes the stop to stop by my little blog.

Weekly Photo Challenge | Up

I have plenty of photos that fit this criterion, so it was difficult to pick just one! Even though portraiture has always been my favorite, I do find myself doing quite a bit of architectural photography as well. This particular image is of the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C.