Year Two: A Reflection on Blogging

I definitely dropped the ball on this one, but Prada for Breakfast is two years old as of July 29th. It’s now almost December (so really it’s almost two and half years?)… and to be perfectly honest, I realize that I haven’t taken this blog as far as I could have in the time that I’ve been posting. I’m a bit sporadic, and if you’ve been reading long enough to notice, I am thoroughly impressed. I wish this is something I could change, but when blogging ends up feeling like a chore (which it inevitably does, from time to time), hiatuses abound. However, I do hope to post much more consistently in the future.

My blog is also a bit unfocused, which I’ve been told is bad for blogging and traffic, or whatever. I just can’t find it in myself to limit my blog to one avenue — be it travel, food, or style — because my own interests are scattered so far across the board. In many ways, this blog is a reflection of myself and what I find intriguing or beautiful — and it would almost seem like a false representation of who I am if I were to constrain Prada for Breakfast to one niche.

I’ve been fairly busy over these past months, from continuing to study Arabic abroad and keeping up with classes and extracurriculars. But although this blog has, admittedly, not been one of my top priorities at times, it has been something that I have loved doing. I plan on picking right back up where I left off, and you can expect more posts with a heavier emphasis on topics like travel, photography, and culture… I will still post about style, but those posts will probably be kept to a minimum. (NB: When I post about fashion, I like to keep things a little more substantive.)

Regardless, I won’t bore you with a long post. (And I would be surprised if anyone actually read through all that.) But this is just to let you know that I’m back, and am hoping to take this blog in a direction that will emphasis post quality over quantity, and supply you with interesting things to read and beautiful photographs to look at — hopefully provoking some thoughtful discussion along the way.

Thank you for reading; I truly appreciate the support of anyone who takes the time to click through my blog.


6 thoughts on “Year Two: A Reflection on Blogging

  1. I don’t think you have to focus on one if this blog is very personal to you. It’s the same with me — I write about many different things and though they don’t belong in any single category such as travel, philosophy, or books, they all belong to that one big category that is Me. 🙂 Cheers!

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