Love From Chicago

I recently visited a friend in Chicago — the city is so beautiful and the people are incredibly friendly. Much different than the noisy and crowded streets of Manhattan! It was a great few days. I took tons of photos and wanted to share a few shots of the Windy City. Many of these were taken from the observatory at the top of the John Hancock tower.

Panoramic view of Lake Michigan; click to enlarge.




4 thoughts on “Love From Chicago

  1. I see you went on the architectural boat tour, yes? Wonderful?
    It was pouring rain the day we did it, and it was STILL wonderful.
    Dizzying perspectives here. For someone with vertigo/acrophobia, looking up can be as bad as looking down!
    Glad you had such a good town, it really is a GREAT place.

  2. Beautiful photography, Halie. The angles of the buildings and your choice of juxtaposition was perfect. I really love the water and boats pic. Just amazing.


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