Weekly Photo Challenge | Mountains

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I scoured my entire iPhoto library to find a photo of mountains for this post, but even with over 10,000+ pictures to choose from (I know, I know, it’s getting a little out of hand…), I couldn’t find a single one. I did, however, find this gem — which, I think, was taken by a friend on our trip to Australia. (It may have been me, but I would rather not take credit for it if I’m unsure!) I wish I had gotten some shots of my own from this day!

This photo was taken at the Three Sisters rock formation (you can begin to make out the formation in the bottom left corner) in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. Our group crossed over the Jamison Valley (pictured) in a cable car and the view was spectacular! The mountains really do look blue (I even toned the color down a little when editing the image), and they are simply stunning. Australia is such a beautiful and raw place, I would love to visit again in the future!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge | Mountains

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  3. What a striking shot! I really like the cool cast in this one… those blues are almost electric as they approach the horizon!
    I’m not sure how successful I would have been at braving that cable car, but I’ve got to say for a shot like this, it definitely seems worth it (from here on nice solid ground, anyway)!

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