Beyond the Mural: Unconventional Street Art

Unconventional street art via Street Art Utopia

Street art is not your typical graffiti. I love browsing through street art photos and am constantly blown away by the sheer creativity of street artists. The concepts that these artists dream up are endless and always unique, and vary from photo to photo by wide margins. Murals are beautiful and expansive, colorful and emotive. There is something about street art that resonates with people — perhaps it serves as a reminder that they are not the only ones living in a particular city, and that someone cares enough to create something beautiful and thought-provoking for all to see.

However, taking street art beyond the mural has also become quite popular, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite unconventional street art projects that I’ve come across as of late. If the basic street art mural is bursting with creativity, wait until you see these unique and impeccably-executed concepts.

The Melting Man by Nele Azevedo, Berlin

This display, featuring 1,000 “melting men” ice sculptures on the steps of Berlin’s concert hall and hosted by the WWF, was the concept of Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo, who dreamed up the project to raise awareness about global warming.

The Little People Project by Slinkachu, London

The Little People Project has been an ongoing street art endeavor since 2006. According to the artist’s bio, some of his goals for this project, which combines both street art and photography, include making people more aware of their surroundings and creating a picture of the mentality which accompanies those living in a big city, where one can often feel small and alone. (Click images to enlarge.)

The Last Resort,” Wandsworth, London

The Sights,” the Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Relics,” Belsay Hall, Newcastle

2D Street Art by Felice Varini, France

When I first saw these photos, I thought they were photoshopped. I promise you, however, that this is really art photographed from the correct angle to create something pretty amazing (you can see photos of Varini‘s work from the incorrect angle for proof). This stuff is pretty unbelievable.

The wrong angle:

Mind Your Step by Erik Johansson, Stockholm

There is a ton of 3D street art out there, but I’m always impressed by how much work and detail must go into each project to make it as realistic as possible. This particular project was carried out by Erik Johansson in June 2011 at the famous square, Sergels, in Stockholm.

What are your thoughts on street art beyond the mural? Any favorite projects to share?

{Sources: first image via Street Art Utopia; Melting Man photos via the Telegraph; Little People Project photos by Slinkachu from The Little People Project website; Felice Varini 2D street art photos via Street Art Utopia; Mind Your Step photos from the site of Erik Johansson.}


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