Notes From A Year of Blogging

{Chocolate Malted and Toasted Marshmallow Layer Cake | Semisweetie}

Today marks the one-year blog-versary of Prada for Breakfast! It’s been a fun, albeit sporadic, year, with lapses in posting that I’m sure have driven away readers and bugged the few of you who have come here consistently. But I want to humbly thank everyone who has taken the time out of their day to look through my little blog for a few minutes — it’s really an honor, and every single comment I get, whether negative or positive, truly makes my day.

I would like to share some highlights from this year of blogging at Prada for Breakfast.

  • Getting featured on Freshly Pressed (’s daily selection of posts from WordPress blogs) for DIY: Bulletin Board Chic was such an honor! It was really a surreal experience for me.
  • I received a couple blog awards that I didn’t quite get the chance to post on, so I’ll list them here! First of all, thank you to Nina at Through Tinted Glass for the Versatile Blogger Award. And, second, thank you to Hannah at Mademoiselle Hannah for the Stylish Blogger Award! I’m honored — these awards really mean so much to me.
  • All the fantastic bloggers I’ve met during my time blogging at Prada for Breakfast — you guys are my biggest inspiration and are so supportive! (You know who you are.)
  • Expanding my horizons. Posting in the blogosphere really opens your mind to different creative ideas and opinions. I’ve experienced this looking through other fantastic blogs, but also writing for my own and getting responses. Even the negative comments are great to get — I’m one of those people that likes to get critical and honest feedback, as it will help me grow in the long run.
  • Baking more! As you probably know, I post primarily on Prada for Breakfast about fashion, art, and food. And writing here has also inspired me to try more recipes to share, so I’ve had plenty of goodies in the house the past year.
  • Writing a couple opinions posts. I’ve had lots of fun writing for this blog, but these posts were by far my favorites to work on. I don’t think they tend to be as popular because people don’t like to read super long posts (so if you’re still with me, good for you!), and there is, I think, a general expectation that fashion-oriented blogs will have brief posts and lots of photos. But for those who did read my two opinions posts, I really thank you for your time. Even if I don’t always fall on the popular side of a debate, it always feels great to get my thoughts out there. If you’re interested, you can check out both the posts: The September Issue and America’s Cupcake Obsession.

I don’t want to ramble on forever, so I’ll cut this post short now. But please leave me feedback on how I did this year! I know I wasn’t totally consistent with posting, that’s for sure — but what else could I work on? What were your favorite and least favorite posts? What would you like to see more of? Leave me a report card!

P.S. Doesn’t that cake look fantastic? Hopefully I’ll be able to try this one out soon…

3 thoughts on “Notes From A Year of Blogging

  1. Congrats on your one year, Halie! I love your blog but I forget to check every day. And look at you? You’re posting a bunch now. I’m back to checking every day!!

    I’m so glad we “met” in the blogosphere!


  2. I love your blog because you write honestly and whilst you do write more than many others, you are a great writer and it is always interesting to read. One of my favourite styles of post is your trend reports, I think you did one of riding style a while back? I also love the baking ones as your photos are great.
    I hope you continue blogging past this first year.

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