Spring 2011 Series | Nail Polish for Spring

As someone who has been reading this blog for a while already knows, I’m addicted to nail polish. (Usually expensive nail polish, unfortunately…my new favorites include Butter London and Illamasqua.) Nail polish trends fluctuate so frequently, it’s difficult to keep track of them. And honestly, there are few people who care enough to realize whether or not your nail polish is on-trend. However, there are undoubtedly some tried-and-true favorite shades that look great in the spring.

This year, spring fashion is both bold and neutral in color, with plenty of whites and nudes to balance out pops of bold pinks and oranges. Compliment bright colorblocking with muted, pastel shades for spring, or make a neutral outfit pop with fuchsia or aquamarine nails.

Some colors I’ve been craving this season: nude, light peach, lavender, muted gray, tiffany blue, jade, and bright pinks, oranges, and blues — all most definitely very sunny and chic shades that look great with spring’s clothing color palette.

  1. Model’s Own Nail Polish in “Sophie’s Pink,” $8, urbanoutfitters.com.
  2. Rescue Beauty Lounge in “Bikini Bottom,” $18, rescuebeauty.com.
  3. Illamasqua Nail Varnish in “Stagnate,” $14, sephora.com.
  4. Chanel Nail Colour in “Lilac Sky,” $25, chanel.com.
  5. POP Beauty Nail Glam Polish in “Brave,” $10, urbanoutfitters.com.
  6. Butter London 3 Free Lacquer in “Primrose Hill Picnic,” $14, butterlondon.com.
  7. Rescue Beauty Lounge in “Lulu,” $18, rescuebeauty.com.
  8. Anna Sui Shimmer Nail Polish in “Turquoise,” $15, urbanoutfitters.com.
  9. Illamasqua Nail Varnish in “Gamma,” $14, sephora.com.
  10. Essie for J. Crew Nail Polish in “Milky Way,” $8, jcrew.com.
  11. Chanel Nail Colour in “Pêche Nacrée,” $25, chanel.com.
  12. Illamasqua Nail Varnish in “Milf,” $14, sephora.com.
  13. Butter London 3 Free Lacquer in “Cream Tea,” $14, butterlondon.com.

What are going to be your go-to nail polish shades this spring?

{Sources: Nail polish photos via urbanoutfitters.com, rescuebeauty.com, butterlondon.com, sephora.com, jcrew.com, selfridges.com, be.com, vickyloves.wordpress.com, beautywoome.com. Collage background images via gardenpictures.com, susangage.com, thezippitybookshelf.wordpress.com (all accessed via Google Images).}

8 thoughts on “Spring 2011 Series | Nail Polish for Spring

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  2. I just ordered a beautiful coral color from China Glaze called Life Preserver. It’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to rock it.

    I love all the colors that are inspiring you as well.


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