Beauty Review | YSL’s Parisienne

I’m not usually a fan of floral fragrances like this one. I tend to go for more woody/woody-oriental scents, as I don’t really like the overpoweringly sweet or feminine stuff — there has to be a bit of musk in it somewhere. But this scent completely drew me in. It’s complex and beautiful, sweet but still slightly mysterious, and definitely captivating and feminine.

Parisienne has notes of blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood. I think the blackberry definitely comes through in this fragrance, and it’s a great choice — it smells absolutely delicious, but not sickly sweet… it’s just right, and I can’t get over it! Of course, perfumes smell different on different people, but I would recommend checking this one out if it sounds like your style — it seems to be a crowd pleaser.

I love Kate Moss as the face of this fragrance… YSL did a great job choosing her. She looks stunning in the campaigns, and she embodies the scent perfectly — a little casual and carefree, but in a sexy way.

I think I may have a new signature scent.

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Review | YSL’s Parisienne

  1. Interesting
    I will have to check it out
    I am with you not a real floral, sweet scent kind of gal.
    I like more spicy, but will give it a sniff next time I am in the store
    Thanks for the recommendation

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