Beauty Review | Perfékt Skin Perfection Gel

I’ve been looking for a nice foundation to even out my skin tone and give me a healthy glow – something light and brightening, because my face can get very pale and death-like in the winter months (and in the spring, and in the summer…). I’ve heard a lot about Per-fékt’s Skin Perfection Gel and decided to finally pick up the travel-sized tube at Sephora to check it out….I got quite lucky with the color, because I wasn’t even reading the boxes – I just grabbed one on my way to the checkout with some new jade nail polish.

Normally I would have chosen the lightest shade (“Luminous”) but I accidentally took one darker (“Radiant”) and I’m really glad I did…it doesn’t look unnatural, but it works like a very subtle, brightening bronzer…I absolutely love it! It blends SO smoothly and easily, it feels like it’s literally just melting into your skin! It doesn’t really work too well as a concealer, as some of its Sephora reviewers have pointed out, but it’s excellent for evening out your skin tone and giving your face a healthy glow. It’s incredible and so lightweight. It’s also made without any water, so the product is very concentrated.

For anyone looking for a skin-tone evening foundation (or a lovely bronzer for the winter in a shade darker), I would highly recommend this product. Try it out in-store before purchasing to get the right color, or order the smaller size online first to make sure you really love it before indulging in the full-sized bottle (which retails for almost $60/oz!! Although it’s worth every penny, in my opinion…).

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Review | Perfékt Skin Perfection Gel

  1. Hmm. I’m intrigued. I have A) sensitive skin, and B) a whole lot of redness, so I need something powerful that’s not going to kill my skin. I’d love to try something more lightweight, but until this redness goes away…ugh!

  2. I dont’t really use foundation. My routine usually consists of astringent and then moisturizer. Pretty much it. Most foundations make my skin end up looking patchy and muddy. I think its because my skin tone is more of a medium tan to olive-ish. Do you know any brands that could cater to my needs?

  3. I was at an event with swag bags. Vaguely loathing foundation, I nevertheless was compelled to try it. Strangely, a tad of a brown (almost) drop spread into a softer version of me. It’s amazing, so silky. Totally agree. Silky and light … not even aware of it.

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