Beauty Review | Chanel Nail Lacquer in “Steel”

As anyone who has read this blog before would know, I have a steadily growing addiction to Chanel nail lacquer — especially after my irrational obsession with “Paradoxal.” Recently, I picked up a bottle of Chanel’s “Steel.” It’s not one of their limited-edition shades, but I liked the deep color with the sparkles in it.

I’m not usually a dark nail polish person, especially not black, and this is a great alternative — it’s not completely black on, more like a deep charcoal, and it shimmers when it catches the light. It is a little darker on than it looks in the bottle — I’ve found this to be the case with the other Chanel nail polishes I’ve tried. It’s still a very chic way to get your dark nail fix, though.

My one complaint with this was, incidentally, the quality. When I tried Paradoxal, I couldn’t stop raving about how it never chipped, but this one flaked quite a bit and required a lot of touch-ups. I’m hoping its just a bad batch, because I love the color!

Have you used Chanel’s “Steel” before? What was your opinion on the color and quality?

{Source: Photos by me, feel free to use, just leave a credit/link!}



14 thoughts on “Beauty Review | Chanel Nail Lacquer in “Steel”

  1. I’m a fan of how the polish looks in the bottle, but I can’t say I adore it or despise it on the nails. It’s alright, nothing special though. I feel like it doesn’t have that Chanel ring to it… but that’s just me. ;]

    Love, Cass

  2. I have that same polish and did a post two weeks ago on Vendetta. My Steele polish also chipped. I’m going to check out Parodoxal based on your review. Thanks!

  3. mm im digging that colour! id love to see how it looks when it catches the light.
    that sucks about the quality though.. i always keep running into bad quality nail polishes.. but that just could be because mine are really cheap. how expensive are chanel nail polishes?x

  4. I personally have light skin. I always wanted to try out darker nail polish but never had the courage to. I think black would fit, right ? I love Chanel’s polish, and always apply base and top coats so it won’t chip. But I always go for flashy, exotic colors, especially in winter (orange, pink, light blue, flashy red…)

  5. I am a dark polish girl and the color is great BUT
    I am finding that most polishes with much glitter/sparkle in them are too hard to keep
    They just don’t hold up and I am talking high end brand to low end brand
    I am about to give up on the trend!
    Thanks for the review

  6. I think I like this! I don’t care much for Chanel polishes, though. They peel right off my fingers. I bought two last summer and each kind does it to me. A total disappointment. But I’m sure I could find a color similar to this in a different brand!

  7. awesome color, i’m so into the dark shades lately. . . i’m wearing sparkling emerald right now. but that color u just posted WOWWW!!! when beauty shopping next week, this color is so on the list.

  8. Well it looks fantastic on you. I love it. I need to get this now. I’m a big fan of Chanel nail polish as well. I got all the Khaki colors but only liked the rose colored one. Maybe I’ll try the others again this summer.


  9. I haven’t used Chanel Steel yet but 99% of the time the reason for chipping is the way you’re applying it. I recommend using a basecoat (you don’t have to use Chanel’s, I use “Salon Pro” myself) and any strong topcoat (Chanel’s is top notch, but OPI has a good one as well). It’s hard to splurge the $25 for the Chanel one, but it’s completely worth it. It’s WAY better than Seche Vite, in any case.

  10. ‘Steel’ my heart! I want to run out and get a pedi/mani so I can give it a try! Channel’s newest colors are amazing, and of course you can never go wrong with Vamp.

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