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Slightly see-through tops, skirts, and the like are not the most original of trends, but stylish nonetheless and trending big time for Spring 2011. Sheer, floaty layers were seen at the likes of Prada, Miu Miu, and Chanel, and have been appearing on the street for quite some time. I love looking at the street style photos — they give you real-life interpretations of the looks seen on the runway, and they are, in my opinion, far more creative and wearable than anything seen in a fashion show. Here are a few variations on the sheer trend, showcased by some seriously stylish girls.

The Skirt. A sheer skirt can add interest to your look and add pretty, swirling layers. Just be sure to wear something underneath and make sure your skirt is longer, because, well, we all know a see-through miniskirt is bound for trouble. I really like these variations shown above. Although more geared towards winter than the upcoming spring season, they still look fabulous – come spring, just swap in a tucked-in blouse (and/or change the black for a lighter color), and you’re golden.

  1. I love the soft pleats on this skirt, seen over at Caroline’s Mode.
  2. The always-fabulous Ashley from Two Eyes in the Mirror – be sure to check out her blog for more fabulous outfits.
  3. A quick street style shot from Fashion Toast. Not a see-through skirt, but the layers of sheer tulle do the trick and I love the volume, à la Black Swan.
  4. Another sheer black skirt — a bit longer than the others, with a long coat to mask some of the sheerness, photographed by the talented Scott Schuman over at The Satorialist.

The Dress. Sheer dresses can be used perfectly for event dressing (obviously you wouldn’t want to wear one grocery shopping) — the key is to keep the look classic and a little glamorous. If baring your lingerie (like Elena Perminova, left) isn’t really your style, don’t worry! You can always go for a minidress with lots of sequin detailing (like Diana, right) or a solid dress with a few sheer insets.

  1. Definitely the boldest of the ensembles here, and not exactly practical for everyday wear. However, I think Elena — snapped for Caroline’s Mode — does an incredible job of pulling off this tough-to-master look in a very classy and elegant fashion.
  2. I like Rumi’s look from Fashion Toast because it’s very simple and the details on the dress are beautiful. Still a little see-through for everyday wear, but it could pair fabulously with some black tights and ankle boots.
  3. The gorgeous Diana from Dressed Up Alligators — in my opinion, the most wearable way to get away with a sheer dress. It has sheer details up at the top, but towards the bottom of the dress, the gold sequins cover the skirt section completely, giving you full coverage while still rocking the sheer trend.

The Blouse. In my opinion, the easiest way to wear the trend. A sheer blouse (not necessarily a completely see-through one, either) can add a level of sophistication to an outfit when tucked into, say, a simple black skirt. It’s chic and gorgeous, and the slightly sheer blouse will always be in style (making it a great closet investment piece)!

  1. Try wearing a nude tank top under a very sheer blouse, like this woman, photographed for Street Peeper.
  2. I love the length of this blouse, worn by the fabulous Tracy of The Closet Shopper. It’s not super-sheer, just the tiniest bit see-through. The tunic length is also perfect for pairing with leggings. You can also check out her working a sheer, black blouse at this post on her blog.
  3. Another semi-sheer blouse from Karla of Karla’s Closet. Bows are a great detail for sheer blouses because they help cover you up a bit (and look super-cute!).
  4. A sheer blouse worn by Kirsi Pyrhönen on Caroline’s Mode. I like the solid sleeves, shrunken fit, and beaded details on the fabric that makes this blouse perfect to wear open or buttoned up, with a black tank top underneath.

Hope this post gave you some ideas for working the sheer trend into your look this Spring! Remember, style is all about taking fashions and trends and making them your own — wearing them so you feel comfortable in them. Also be sure to check out the stylish bloggers featured (Ashley, Diana, and Tracy) in this post for more inspiration!

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14 thoughts on “Trendspotting | Sheer Genius

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  3. I agree that the blouse is the easiest piece to wear and will def be what I’m trying out. I think a long sheer skirt is too unwearable for me personally. I wouldn’t be opposed to the right dress though…

    Great feature!

    xo, Ashley

  4. hi hallie! this is such an AMAZING surprise!!!! i am so honored and beyond ecstatic that you used me in one of your posts!! thank you so so much — and your words are too sweet and this means so much:) gorgeous post i am currently coveting sheer skirts! again thank you so much (i put your mention under my featured sidebar) xo

  5. Found your blog through Tracy over at The Closet Shopper
    Have enjoyed browsing around
    I have to confess that your camera tutorial has put me over the edge
    I have been wanting a new camera and keep telling myself NO
    You just made it even harder to listen to myself. LOL

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  7. Aww, thanks so much for featuring me here! Sheer is a great trend, and I think it’s really fun to play around with in winter, because cold and sheer just shouldn’t go, but they do! I’m really excited to translate the trend for spring, too…if only spring would hurry up and get here…GRR! 🙂

    Props for featuring Tracy, too. She’s one of my blogging friends and I LOVE her. Every outfit she puts together is magic. It’s amazing.

    Have a great weekend, girl!

  8. HALIE!! Thank you so much for mentioning me. I’m so flattered. I’m a huge fan of Ashley. She can really rock any outfit. So stylish that one. Love her.

    But now I’m going to go meet Diana and see what she’s all about. I love her sheer dress. She looks amazing.

    Your blog entries are informative and well written. I really enjoy every post. And I truly adore you.


  9. I’ve been loving this look lately, too!!! BCBG has a stunning dress with a sheer drop that I am coveting. GREAT* post! I’m going to head over to Caroline’s Mode & Two Eyes in The Mirror to see more. Thanks!

  10. Thank you !

    On the second set of pictures, I like #3, and on the third set, I like #2, #3, #4. #4 is so my style, I’m just wearing the like today 🙂 Unfortunately, my waist measure won’t let wear anything under my pants 😦 Any ideas are appreciated…

    As for the top picture, I love the Chanel bag. And the way the model/woman is wearing it. It is stylish and discreet at the same time, in my opinion.

    Again, brilliant ideas and a very clear, neat post.


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