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There is something so wonderfully basic about a good riding-inspired ensemble. Classic, preppy and perfectly polished with lots of leather, slim pants, and chic structured blazers: the equestrian look is a uniform as well as a fashion statement. It’s refreshing to be able to take on such a classic set of style laws, while still being able to break a few rules of your own, of course. What’s not to love?

In this style guide: You’ll find essentials for creating the classic equestrian look, as well as options for making the trend your very own and corresponding shopping lists with plenty of items at a variety of price points. You’ll also find the “extras,” cute riding-inspired goodies that are optional, but never hurt to throw on if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

Essential #1: Riding Boots

Good leather riding boots (whether authentic or not) are imperative for pulling the equestrian look together — without them, you might as well forget channelling the equestrian style altogether. While a great pair of leather boots can truly be an investment, there are less expensive options out there (both real and faux leather) to help you complete your look. Just make sure your boots are a classic shape and color and have a taller shaft (but not over-the-knee).

  1. Bandolino, $90-$130.
  2. Clarks, $130.
  3. Chooka, $90.
  4. Frye, $348.
  5. Lauren by Ralph Lauren, $135.

Essential #2: The Structured Blazer

A blazer, like good boots, is one of the most critical parts to the equestrian style. While navy (with gold buttons!) is the classic color for this look, feel free to experiment with different styles, like gray tweed with elbow patches, velvet, or even a more relaxed blazer in a striped pattern. The possibilities for chic blazers are endless, although there are some tried-and-true classics that provide the perfect base for mastering the look.

  1. J. Crew, $188.
  2. Urban Outfitters, $48.
  3. Ralph Lauren Rugby, $200.
  4. Anthropologie, $98.
  5. J. Crew, $198.
  6. BDG, $78.

Essential #3: Riding Pants

Riding pants — perhaps the comfiest pants you will ever own that are still, well, pants — can be worn regardless of whether or not you intend to emulate the equestrian look. (Read: important investment for your wardrobe.) Look for them in a classic tan or olive color, or go black for an ultra-slimming and streamlined silhouette. You don’t even need all-out stretchy pants — there are versions of fitted cargos that can work just as well for this look.

  1. Milly, $188.
  2. J. Crew, $88.
  3. Gap, $60.
  4. Lauren by Ralph Lauren, $63.
  5. Daughters of the Liberation, $88.
  6. Joe’s, $158.
  7. Free People, $88.
  8. J. Crew, $75.

Essential #4: The Collared Shirt

No riding-inspired ensemble is complete without a crisp, collared shirt. For a more classic and polished look, opt for a freshly pressed version in a structured cut in white or light blue. For a more relaxed spin on the equestrian trend, try out stripes and plaids, fun colors, and looser fits.

  1. J. Crew, $70.
  2. Burberry Brit, $95.
  3. Ralph Lauren Rugby, $25.
  4. Vineyard Vines, $88.
  5. J. Crew, $70.
  6. Tory Burch, $95.


Complete your equestrian look, or simply just add a little riding twist to a regular outfit, with these inspired extras. Be on the lookout especially for classic leather gloves and belts.

  1. J. Crew Camp Socks, $12.
  2. Ralph Lauren Rugby Plaid Tote, $110.
  3. Vineyard Vines Skinny Belt, $38.
  4. J. Crew Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves, $70-$98.
  5. Urban Outfitters Bow Tie Necklace, $28.
  6. J. Crew Classic Leather Belt, $32.
  7. Jill Stuart Plaid Belted Coat, $134.
  8. UGG Australia Equestrian Leather Hobo, $298.
  9. Ralph Lauren Rugby Gloves, $30.
  10. Anthropologie Bangle, $38.
  11. Vineyard Vines Hooded Toggle Sweater, $165.

Hope you’re feeling inspired to try out the equestrian trend! Let me know what you think of this style guide.

{Sources: Images via,,,,,,,, All equestrian photography by me – please ask before using.}


13 thoughts on “Style Guide | Equestrian

  1. Damn, I wish legitimate riding gear was that cheap! As a real equestrian, this “look” makes me chuckle at all y’all posers that envy every aspect of it! Those boots would rip in a millisecond of real riding…… Sitting on a pony for a photo op does not count. ✌️

    • I so hate it when my classmates wear pants with kneepatches and then say. Look. I’m an equestrian. While the only thing they’ve done was sitting on a pony

  2. INCORRECT, and I can know it because I’m a real equestrian, and BTW, equestrian(ism) isn’t a style, it’s a passion which you all don’t have

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  4. oh man! I am in LOOOOVE with those boots! My favorites would have to be the clarks- so classic. I want to give this look a try now.

  5. where the heck have you been??? missed you tons. so glad to see you back on the “saddle”. haha. get it? oy. sorry.

    i love this look too. it’s one of my “go to” styles.

    have a happy new year, my dear!!


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