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The highly anticipated Vena Cava + Aqua collaboration made its debut today at From the looks of it, the 19 piece collection has some great items for fall, from basics like this tee to statement pieces such as this velvet dress. Above are a few of the pieces I’m loving from the line (information below). The dresses are especially fabulous (all of them!), with gorgeous draping and feminine details.
I do have one reservation, however: despite the heavy price tags (even for a “cheaper” designer & department store collaboration), I’m a bit skeptical of the quality and fit of the pieces — mainly due to this article here. Some of the pieces (like this military jacket) look a little questionable, so I will definitely be checking them out in the store before I decide to purchase anything (and at that, I’ll be waiting for a possible sale first). Although this dress, my favorite piece of the collection, looks fantastic!
  • Ponte Coat, $198 | I love the versatility of this jacket. It looks soft and pliable, like a cardigan, but is warm enough to wear by itself. You can wear it as an integral part of a look or simply throw it on over to keep cozy during the brisk fall weather.
  • Accordion-Pleated Silk Skirt, $138 | Pleated skirts are “in” for the first time in what I assume has been many, many years (as they are quite reminiscent of ugly kilts, aka middle school field hockey uniforms), but the small and numerous folds here and jeweled detailing is quite elegant.
  • Carrot Pants, $138 | Sleek and perfectly roomy for fall. Loving the silky material, zippered bottoms, and cropped silhouette.
  • Jersey-and-Mesh Combo Dress, $158 | This is the perfect fall dress, and the colors are all fantastic. It’s muted tones and simple design make it the perfect base for any layered look, but it also works on its own thanks to the beautiful draping of the skirt.
  • One-Shoulder Draped Mesh Dress, $178 | I love the dark and moody combination of the navy and black (although this dress does come in two other color combos). It’s fierce! And one-shoulder dresses are definitely on my mind right now.
  • Faux Fur Vest, $188 | The only thing keeping me from buying all the faux fur jackets, vests, and accessories I can get my hands on is the question of whether or not I could actually pull them off without attracting some strange glances. But I do love this vest — it’s not very fitted (almost low-key) and the bow is such a lovely feminine detail!

What are your favorites from the collection?

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9 thoughts on “vena cava for aqua | collection favorites

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  2. Thanks for sharing this! I really like the blue dress, unfortunately we don’t have bloomingdales here in the Philippines and i don’t want to buy online cause I will have to pay double plus the shipping fees. Anyway, I like your blog! Will have it on my reader ❤

  3. Yep! That perfume is super available at Sephora. It’s the original one, not the other one (the bottles look really similar). I seriously love it, it’s a great all-day perfume.

    I never seem to have much luck with designer collaborations! I know they can be a great opportunity (my mom has some great vintage stuff back when Versace did some collaborations) but I never seem to find anything I love. And the fit is often kind of weird.
    Great post though! I don’t think I see myself wearing these pieces for a long time though.

    • Wow, I just checked it out! The bottle looks even prettier on the Sephora site, I definitely be checking this out next time I’m in the store.

      I like the concept of designer collaborations, but you’re right – the fit is usually strange and the quality not really up to par. I’m looking forward to the Lanvin for H&M one this November (or maybe it’s December), though. I have also gotten some stuff from the designer/Target collabs…still nothing special. If I get any of these pieces, I’ll be getting them on sale!

  4. I really like the combo dress! The prices aren’t too bad, but these days, I’d really have to love something to pay over $100 for it–and it better fit just right! I hate having things tailored.

    P.S. I’m on my way to making those cupcakes you posted about a while ago!

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