corrie white’s “fun with water” series

If you’re a photography freak (like myself), you may have heard or seen Corrie White’s “Fun With Water” set on Flickr. The entire series of photographs is absolutely stunning. I have always been intrigued by water drop photography but have never been very good at it myself. Corrie’s photos take the concept to a whole new level — these are not your run-of-the-mill water drop images. Her creativity and impeccable timing has allowed her to make some absolutely incredible photographs. Here are a few of my favorites (click through the photos to view each image’s Flickr page):

This is just a sampling of some of her work … there are a ton more photographs on her Flickr, so check them out if you’re interested. I had no idea you could get so creative with water! Just incredible, incredible images all around.

And for those who are interested, Corrie has created a guide for water drop photography — you can read it here. I would love to try this out sometime, but I’ll definitely be needing some more photography equipment first! For now I’m content to sit here and stare in awe at her work.


{ Source: All images from Corrie White’s Flickr. }

All images © Corrie White | All Rights Reserved



5 thoughts on “corrie white’s “fun with water” series

  1. Wow. Those photos really stunned me. They are beautiful, almost surreal. I can’t seem to wrap my brain around them! I can’t believe that it’s just water.

  2. This is beautiful! I checked out the tutorial and I know there’s no way I could ever have enough patience to do that! I’ll definitely be bookmarking her flickr.

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