alexa chung + madewell

When you hear the name “Alexa Chung,” what words immediately come to mind? Stylish, chic, iconic, and slightly androgynous perhaps? Indeed, she is making waves in the fashion world with her original look — even inspiring the incredibly successful (and completely gorgeous) Mulberry “Alexa.”

The British icon’s new line for Madewell looks as though it will have plenty of classic pieces in true Alexa style. I can’t wait for this line to come out — while Mulberry is definitely outside my price range, Madewell is quite reasonable. And while these looks are nothing incredibly groundbreaking, they are most certainly classic fall staples for every girl’s wardrobe. I’m especially looking forward to the shoe collection (!!) and lots of pretty blouses.

The collection will be available to shop online starting September 9th and in stores starting September 11th.

In the meantime, here are some snapshots from the Alexa Chung for Madewell fall 2010 presentation.

I adore the dotted blouse in the right hand photo. It’s simultaneously visually intriguing and versatile.

What are your thoughts on the line? Will you be queueing up to snag some of Alexa’s pieces as soon as they hit the stores?

{ Source: Photographs by Nick Wolf from }


6 thoughts on “alexa chung + madewell

  1. I like Madewell in general, so I’ll definitely be taking a peek at these items when they come out! Thanks so much for posting!

    And…thanks for your comment! About the chambray shirt: I KNOW! I’ve been searching so long for the perfect one…J. Crew does usually have some great ones, and I got an awesome pair of chambray pants there last season, but they are ridiculously expensive for just a shirt. I tried one at American Eagle, too, but it didn’t have a very nice fit. I was so excited when I found this one at Old Navy…they were almost all sold out (completely sold out in anything close to my size) so I ripped it off the mannequin and left her standing there half naked. 🙂 It was only like $25–such a great buy.

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  3. I like Alexa’s style, but mainly for her originality and for that reason think her style really only suits her, so no I won’t be shopping for these items as I don’t think her style would suit me personally.

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