couture 2010: christian dior

Saving the best for last … say hello to my favorite Fall 2010 couture collection. Actually, I’m fairly certain it’s almost everyone‘s favorite. And how could it not be? Although the floral-inspired ball gowns seemed as though they would fit in better on a Spring couture runway, the show was inspired, original, and classic over-the-top Galliano. It at once embodied everything couture should be: outrageously fabulous and extravagant, with exaggerated feminine silhouettes. The bright colors, miles of ruffled organza and taffeta, were a fun and refreshing break from the muted hues and minimal silhouettes on practically every other runway.

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{ Source: Images via See the full collection here. }


2 thoughts on “couture 2010: christian dior

  1. The colors are beautiful but I’m never 100% sure what to think of some of the more extreme elements of the shows.
    Still, thank you for posting this pictures! And also, for your comment on my blog about the Vogue Italia editorial, it was very insightful.

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