couture 2010: valentino

The Valentino couture show was yet another example of the minimalist, recession-era approach to couture (as minimal as you can get with couture, at least). Designers Chiuri and Piccioli named their 2010 collection “The Dark Side of First Love” — a title that seems to me quite complex to articulate through clothing. But they seem to have pulled it off nonetheless. With classic couture silhouettes, a moody color palette, and details that included bows and cage-like contraptions alike, the show was full of simple, feminine pieces. I have to admit, this show was not one of my favorites this year — perhaps because it seemed a little basic and a little uninspired than what I would have expected from haute couture — but it was most definitely a subtle, classic collection.

Click to enlarge.

{ Source: Images via See the full collection here. }


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