couture 2010: elie saab

Like most of his fellow designers, Elie Saab kept superfluity in smaller-than-usual-for-couture doses this season, but without sacrificing any of the luxe. Gorgeous dresses with rich details sprung up in abundance on the Elie Saab runway in muted fall tones as well as bold crimson. And, to my immense delight, there was no shortage of sequins or sumptuous fabrics.

Click to enlarge.

My favorite look from the collection has to be the first image I’ve posted here. The strong shoulders juxtaposed with the otherwise feminine silhouette and red sequins is a simply divine combination. I also love the muted green dress towards the bottom (fourth row, on the right) – the color is perfect for Fall and, admittedly, a little revolting, but here it looks so elegant. The cut of the dress is just perfect (again, with the shoulder detailing!) and sexy without being overly revealing. Opting to show glimpses of the leg and shoulder (and back for that matter) is always a bit classier and more sophisticated than the usual décolletage.

{ Source: Images via Click here for the full collection. }


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