couture 2010: chanel

“Karl Lagerfeld is a genius.”

Sometimes I get sick of hearing it, but even when I have reached the peak of my annoyance I can’t help but admit it: it’s every bit true. This guy is absolutely brilliant. Besides being the face behind the creation of some of the most coveted clothing and accessories on the planet, he isn’t a bad photographer either — I loved his Fall 2010 campaign (with Abbey Lee and Frida, mmhmmm). Yet again, he has produced a gorgeous haute couture collection for Chanel — this time, its all about jeweled details and subtle elegance, with a darkly romantic fall color palette full of rich navy and crimson accented with plenty of shimmery metallics and sequins (and I have a certain, er, weakness for sequins).

Click to enlarge.

Wonderful structured winter coats and the plethora of sequins aside, the beauty from this show was quite possibly my favorite out of all the couture collections. Natural and elegant with bold red lips and that hair. Perfectly tousled and undone, yet still polished and playful. See more beauty details here!

If there’s one thing I don’t love about this collection, it’s the boots. The style is a little strange and awkwardly leg-shortening, somehow. But the colors are fabulous! Anyone agree/disagree?

{ Source: Images via Click here for the full collection. }


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